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Environmentally-sound agriculture increasingly is information-driven. Implementation of new management paradigms such as Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Crop Management requires ready access, by the manager,omega replica watches to environmental data. Satellite-based measurements and the Internet provide two key tools for this access.

We are developing management decision aids that derive much of their power from satellite data, made available quickly after collection. By assisting agricultural managers in some daily decisions, pesticide usage is reduced, energy is saved, and potential water quality impacts of crop production are minimized.

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The satellite aplications for effective forest management on a more scientific basis commensurating with the priorities set at state, District and Micro levels studies. The shift in priority of forest management towards ecologically sustainable forest resources management call for reliable spatial database with a provision to update and retrieve for management decisions at various levels. The application of satellite data for various priorities & objectives leading to resources assessment have been already proved.The forest management while through its forest inventory cartier santos replica watches and zonation of the area can revolve ecologically sensitive and diversity wish rich areas through use of satellite data applications.

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