Water Resources


Water is an important resource which has increase in demand in order to help agricultural and industrial development, to create income and wealth in rural areas, to reduce poverty among rural people, and Replica Watches to contribute to the sustainability of natural resources and the environment.

Remote Sensing and GIS can play an important role in the field of hydrology and water resources development. The Remote Sensing data helps in fairly accurate hydrogeomorphological analysis and identification and delineation of land features. With sufficient ground data, hydrological characteristics of geomorphologic features can be deciphered.

We provide advanced analysis and studies in water Resources which includes 3D terrain modelling, watershed modelling, runoff modelling etc

We provide service in following fields

Watershed Management
Surface-Water   Hydrology
Groundwater Hydrology
Water-Supply and Irrigation Systems
Wastewater and Stormwater Systems
Floodplain Management
Water Quality omega replica watches
Water Resources Monitoring and Forecasting
River Basin Planning and Management