Rural/Urban Development

Urban and Regional Planning: Policy, strategies and proposals: integrating economic and spatial development

Master Planning
: Land use planning and Zonal Regulations, integrating land use planning with socio-economic geographies and transportation and environment concerns

Micro-level planning
: At the Ward level: Dovetailing of policies, strategies and proposals at the national, state, regional and master planning levels with micro-level planning; Planning tools: Land pooling, Coordinated Planning Schemes, Transfer of Development Rights, Heritage Conservation.

Urban Design

Design of Precincts: Neighbourhoods,best replica watches commercial/business districts, industrial layouts, Mixed use townships, SEZs; Environmental design of regional green networks including forests, wetlands, valleys, swales, tanks and its precincts, regional and city level parks, green field sites; Public transport networks, urban planning and design for their stations/ terminuses and their precincts; Design tools and mechanisms for sustainable urban renewal of existing areas; Heritage and tourism plans and urban design of specific areas