Disaster Management

       Natural disasters are inevitable and it is almost impossible to fully recoup the damage caused by the disasters. However, it is possible to avoid or to diminish the impact of disasters with effective disaster management strategies. Space technology plays a crucial role in efficient mitigation and management of disasters. Natural  disasters  are  described  as  rapid  and  extreme  events within  the  geophysical  system  that  result  in  mortality  and property  damage,  which  exceeds  the  response  and  recovery capabilities   of  the  affected  area. The main objective of disaster management is to increase preparedness, provide early warning, monitor   the  disaster  in  real  time,  assess  the  damage  and organize  relief  activities. Geo-information   science, including   Geographic   Information   Systems   (GIS), Remote Sensing, and the Global Positioning System (GPS), can provide  concrete support for disaster management activities in terms   of  efficiency,  and  speed  up  the  data  management, manipulation,  analysis,  output  and  lead  to  more   informed decisions.