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Centre for Advanced Remote Sensing and Environmental Studies” (CARE) was established in 2010 by a group of young experts in Remote Sensing, Geology and Geography for carrying Projects, Training and Research in Remote Sensing, GIS Photogrammetry and related fields. Training and Research in Remote Sensing, GIS Photogrammetry and related fields.

Agriculture & Forestry

We provide various studies in field of Agriculture and Forestry by expert Scientists...

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Water Resources

Water Resources Studies...

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Soil / Land Studies

Soil and Land Studied...

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Rural/Urban Development

To respond to the ever-increasing responsibilities placed on urban local governments and the processes of municipal reform, by providing them the necessary consultancy services and technical studies with multi disciplinary approach for urban planning and municipal activities....

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Climatic Change

Page Under Construction...

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Coastal Zone Management

Coastal Studies...

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Disaster Management

Natural disasters are inevitable and it is almost impossible to fully recoup the damage caused by the disasters. However, it is possible to avoid or to diminish the impact of disasters with effective disaster management strategies. Space technology plays a crucial role in efficient mitigation and management of disasters. Natural disasters are described as rapid and extreme events within the geophysical system that result in mortality and property damage, which exceeds the response and recovery capabilities of the affected area. The main objective of disaster management is to increase preparedness, provide early warning, monitor the disaster in real time, assess the damage and organize relief activities. Geo-information science, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, and the Global Positioning System (GPS), can provide concrete support for disaster management activities in terms of efficiency, and speed up the data management, manipulation, analysis, output and lead to more informed decisions....

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Geospatial Information System Development

Geospatial Information System Development...

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We offer Professional courses in Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS for national as well as International candidates. This course is designed to highlight the application value of theory and practice of Remote Sensing & GIS technique and practicing, developing professionals dealing with the development and implementation of RS & GIS projects....

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Digital Elevation Model
Slum Mapping
GPS Survey...

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